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Ph.D., Professor

Executive Director, Numerical Simulation Reactor Research Project
National Institute for Fusion Science

National Institutes of Natural Sciences

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies


Research Activities

  1. Numerical Simulation Reactor Research
  2. Anomalous resistivity in a collisionless current sheet  

  3. Recent works on collisionless driven reconnection in an open system

  4. Particle simulation studies on FRC plasmas

  5. Self-organization of MHD plasmas

  6. Other works (in Japanese)

Publication list

Presentation at international conference

International Conferences in 2003-2010
  1. The Eighth International Symposium on Simulation Science
  2. The 18th International Conference of Numerical Simulation of Plasma(ICNSP'03)
  3. IPELS2003
  4. ICNSP&APPTC2005
  5. ICNSP2007
  6. ICPP2008
  7. ICNSP2009
  8. APFA&APPTC2009(presentation)
  9. ITC19(presentation)
  10. ITC20

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