National Institutes of Natural Science, National Institute for Fusion Science
Department of Helical Plasma Research, Fundamental Physics Simulation Research Division

Magnetic Reconnection

Dynamics of Collisionless Reconnection in Three-dimensional Open System

We have developed electromagnetic particle simulation method for three-dimensional open system and study the triggering mecha-nism of collisionless reconnection and its dynamical behavior. Figure shows that two magnetic islands are formed as a result of magnetic reconnection and move in the downstream while being kinked.

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Triggering Mechanism of Collisionless Reconnection

Two-dimensional particle simulation studies have revealed that there are two causes lead-ing to the excitation of collisionless reconnec-tion, i.e., anomalous resistivity generated by drift-kink instability, and pressure tensor effect originating from complex particle motion. Figure shows the current density profile when collisionless reconnection fully develops.

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