National Institutes of Natural Science, National Institute for Fusion Science
Department of Helical Plasma Research, Fundamental Physics Simulation Research Division


MHD simulation of LHD plasma (left top), molecular dynamics simulation of a solid surface (right top), multi-hierarchy simulation (left bottom), and macro projective integration method (right bottom).
We are performing simulation studies on various microscopic through macroscopic physical processes, novel simulation methods which inter-connect micro and macro models, and scientific visualization such as virtual reality visualization. Figures show: a nonlinear MHD simulation for LHD plasma as an example of macro simulation (top left), a molecular dynamics simulation of hydrogen atoms on diamond surface as an example of micro simulations (top right), a multi-hierarchy simulation method which inter-connects micro- PIC simulations and macro- MHD simulation models for oncoming plasma flows (bottom left) and an equation-free macro projective integration method based on a micro simulator (bottom right), as examples of novel simulation method.

LHD Plasma Simulation
Multi-Hierarchy Simulation Model
Magnetic Reconnection
Plasma-Wave Interaction
Virtual Reality Visualization

Plasma-Material Interaction

Novel Simulation Models
Laser Fusion
Extended MHD modeling