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2023.1.19 On 5th, January 2023, Prof. Hiroaki Nakamura was awarded as ASIASIM Fellowship for his great contribution to development of modeling and simulation by ASIASIM Federation, which was established by JSST (Japan Society for Simulation Technology), KSS (Korea Society for Simulation), CSF (China Simulation Federation), SSAGsg (Society for Simulation and Gaming of Singapore), and MSS (Malaysian Simulation Society) in 2011.
Mr. K. Ishiguro won the JSST 2022 Student Presentation Award in the 41st JSST Annual International Conference on Simulation Technology (JSST2022) for his study on "Evaluation tolerance of DNA damaged by tritium beta decay using MD simulation".
Member in FY 2022 is updated.
2022.5.24 Published Paper is updated.
2022.5.24 Member in FY 2022.
2021.11.25 Mr. S. Habu won the 40th JSST Annual International Conference on Simulation Technology (JSST2021) Outstanding Presentation Award.
2020.11.26 One of figures in a paper by Dr. M. S. Islam appears in the front cover of J. Plasma Fusion Res. Vol. 96 Num. 11 and the top page of Plasma Fusion Res. website.
Assoc. Prof. A. M. Ito won the 2020 AAPPS-DPP Young Researcher Award (U40).

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Fundamental Physics Simulation Research Division performs cutting-edge simulation research for open non-equilibrium physics of plasma and fusion phenomena, simulation methodologies and visualizations including real 3D visualization by the virtual reality (VR) to establish the basis of a predictive whole fusion device plasma simulation.

Division Director Hideo Sugama