National Institutes of Natural Science, National Institute for Fusion Science
Department of Helical Plasma Research, Fundamental Physics Simulation Research Division

Multi-Hierarchy Simulation Model

Propagation of Linear Alfven Wave

Aiming investigation of cross-hierarchy phenomena in plasmas, we peform multi-hierarchy simulation which treat macroscopic and microscopic physics both simultaneously and consistently. In our multi-hierarchy model, the domain decomposition method is employed; domains differ in algorithms. Figure illustrates propagation of linear Alfven wave in the multi-hierarchy model. Ther central domain is solved by particle code, both sides are calculated by MHD code, and in the domain between two domain, data are exchanged each other.

S. Usami, H. Ohtani, R. Horiuchi, and M. Den, Development of Multi-hierarchy Simulation Model for Studies of Magnetic Reconnection, Communications in Computational Physics 4 537-544 (2008)

Multi-Hierarchy Simulation of Magnetic Reconnection

Using our multi-hierarchy model, we perform simulation of magnetic reconnection phenomanon. Micro-hierarchy (PIC domain) covers the central region close to the neutral sheet, and macro-hierarchy (MHD domain) are outside the PIC domain.Between two domains, the interface domain is located for interchang data. We are the first to have successfully demonstrated that magnetic reconnection is driven in a micro-hierarchy driven upon plasma injection from a macro-hierarchy.

S. Usami, H. Ohtani, R. Horiuchi, and M. Den, First Demonstration of Collisionless Driven Reconnection in a Multi-Hierarchy Simulation, Plasma and Fusion Research 4 049 (2009)

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