National Institutes of Natural Science, National Institute for Fusion Science
Department of Helical Plasma Research, Fundamental Physics Simulation Research Division

Virtual Reality Visualization

CAVE-type Virtual-Reality(VR) System “CompleXcope”

CompleXcope has four screens; three soft screens for the walls and one hard screen for the floor. Each screen size is 3x3 m. Viewer is surrounded by them and feels himself being in the simulation model. He can watch the three-dimensional objects in the VR world with any size and from all directions.

Virtual Reality Analysis of Plasma Simulation Results

On the calculation process in the simulation research, computer produces a huge numerical data. It is difficult to understand what actually happens in the simulation through just looking at the first-hand list of figures. When they are represented graphically or with a contour plot, that is, they are expressed in easy terms so that it is possible to understand the physics. Because supercomputers progresses rapidly in these days, large-scale three-dimensional simulations are performed. The three-dimensional data are usually analyzed by the three-dimensional visualization software through two-dimensional display. However, there are instances where we have difficulty in grasping the spatial structures of three-dimensional calculated physical values (ex. Structure of magnetic field, particle trajectories and so on), or we cannot understand, because of the lack of information of depth. From these reasons, it is to be desired that three-dimensional data is analyzed in three-dimensional space. In this work, we analyze three-dimensional simulation results in three-dimensional space by CAVE-type virtual-reality system “CompleXcope.” By using “CompleXcope,” the behavior of particles in the electromagnetic field obtained by the simulation is investigated. As a result, the complex three-dimensional particle behavior plays an important role in the magnetic reconnection..

"Scientific Visualization of Magnetic Reconnection Simulation Data by CAVE Virtual Reality System", H. Ohtani and R. Horiuchi, Plasma and Fusion Research, 3, (2008), 054.

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